Computer IT
Digital / Analog Console
Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console
Soundcraft Si3 Digital Console
Yamaha LS9 - 32 chnannel
Mackie DFX12 Mixer
Mackie CFX 20 MKII
Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer
Yamaha M7 CL 48 channel mixer

House / Monitor Speaker System
Nexo Geo S 1210
Nexo Geo S 1230
Nexo Geo T 2815
Nexo Geo T 4805
Nexo PS8
Nexo PS15
Nexo CD 18 Sub woofer
Nexo RS 15 Sub woofer
Nexo LS 1200 Sub woofer
Mackie SRM450 Powered Speaker
Coda G-308
Coda G-715
Coda K-15
Coda PW-115A
Coda PW-118
JBL HLA Top and Sub
NEXO Alpha B118
NEXO Alpha E
NEXO Alpha S2
QSC K-10
SAE Fly Bar
SAE LP26 Processor
SAE V1212 (Lo)
SAE V1218 (Sub)
SAE V2208 (Top)
Yamaha DSR-112

Personal In-Ear Monitor
Mipro Wireless In-Ear Monitor

Speaker Controller
Nexo NX 241
Nexo NX 242ES
Nexo PS15 TDcontroller MKII
Nexo PS8 TDcontroller MKII
XTA DP 426
XTA DP 448

Wireless / Dynamic / Condenser Microphone
AKG C 451 condenser microphone
AKG C 680 BL Boundary microphone
AKG C 747 condenser microphone with base
AKG C414 Microphone
Shure UHF-U24D Wireless Microphone - Handheld & Lapel & Beta 87 Capsule
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 57
Shure Beta 58
Shure MX 393 Boundary microphone
Shure SM 57
Shure SM 58
Shure MX 418 Gooseneck Microphone
Mipro ACT-707 UHF Four Channel True Diversity Receiver - Handheld & Lapel
Mipro ACT-707S UHF Single Channel True Diversity Receiver - Handheld & Lapel
Countryman E6i Omni Earset Microphone
ACT 707HM Wireless Microphone
ACT 707TM Bodypack c/w MU-53L Lavailer
AE-3000 Cardioid Condensor Instrument Mic
AKG C-411 Microphone
AKG K330 Ear Piece
AT897 Line + Gradient Condenser Shotgun Microphone
DPA 2011C Condensor Microphone
DPA 4080 BM Clip Lavailier
DPA 4088F Skin Headset Microphone (double ear hook)
DPA 4099 Condensor Microphone c/w Violin Holder
DPA 6010 Shure UR-1 Shure Adapter
DPA BC-4099 (Bass Holder)
DPA BLM 4060 Boundary Layer Mic
DPA CC-4099 (Cello Holder)
DPA D:FACTO Capsule for SHURE UR-2 Handheld
DPA D:FINE Skin Headset Microphone (single ear hook)
DPA DAD 6034 Sennheiser Adapter 500 G2
DPA DC-4099 (Drum Holder)
DPA F15-088 Foo-2 D:FINE Dual Ear Headset
DPA GC-4099 (Guitar Holder)
DPA PC-4099 (Piano Holder)
DPA SC 4098 - BX45 Podium Mic
DPA STC-4099 (Sax/Trumpet Holder)
DPA UC-4099 (Universal Holder)
Mipro AD808 Antenna Combiners
Mipro AT-70 UHF Extension Antenna (UFO)
Mipro MI-808 In Ear Monitor c/w MI808 Receiver & Ear Piece
Mipro MI808 Receiver & Ear Piece
Mipro MINI-XLR to Jack
Mipro MM-107 Switch Cable Mic
MU-55HNS Headset Microphone c/w MINI-XLR Connector
Sennheiser E901
Sennheiser E902
Sennheiser E904
Sennheiser E905
Sennheiser E906
Sennheiser E908
Sennheiser E914 Condenser Microphone
Sennheiser E945 Cable Dynamic Microphone Super Cardioid
Sennheiser EM 3732II Receiver (2-CH)
Sennheiser EW100 G3 Bodypack Receiver
Sennheiser EW100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter
Sennheiser EW500 G3 Handheld Wireless Microphone
Sennheiser EW500 G3 In-Ear Monitor c/w IE4 Earpiece
Sennheiser EW500 SK500 Bodypack c/w MKE LAVAILER
Sennheiser ME36 Podium Condensor Microphone
Sennheiser Mini XLR to Jack
Sennheiser SKM5200II Handheld Mic c/w Newman KK1055 Capsule
Sennheiser SKP100 G3 XLR Plug On Transmitter
Shure BETA52A Dynamic Microphone
Shure BETA54 Wireless Headset (Skin Color)
Shure BETA58A Capsule
Shure BETA87A Capsule
Shure BETA91A Condensor Microphone
Shure BETA98 D/S Condensor Microphone
Shure KSM137 Condensor Microphone
Shure KSM32 Condensor Microphone
Shure KSM9 Capsule
Shure KSM9 Wired Microphone
Shure MX-185 CARDIOID Lavalier Microphone
Shure SM58-S Dynamic Microphone
Shure SM81 Condensor Microphone
Shure U-1 Bodypack
Shure U-2 BETA58A Wireless Handheld Microphone
Shure U24D Receiver 5-CH
Shure UHF-R Receiver
Shure ULXD 4DE Receiver
Shure ULXD2/A58 Wireless Handheld Mic
Shure UR-1 Bodypac c/w WL184 LAVAILER Mic
Shure UR-2 Handheld Microphone c/w BETA58 Capsule
Shure WA302 Mini XLR to Mono Jack
Shure WCE6B Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Microphone
Shure WL-50 Professional Subminiature Lavalier c/w TA4F Connector
Stage Diver (SD-3)
UE Triplefi-10 Ear Piece
WCE6-T Isomax Microphone Headwood Microphone
WCE6-T Isomax Microphone Headwood Microphone (Skin Colour)

Playback/ Record Machine
Denon DN-4500 Dua CD Player
Pioneer CDJ-1000 MK3 CD Player
Tascam MD-350 MD Recorder / Player
Tascam CD-RW901SL CD Recorder

Power Amplifier
Labgruppen FP + 6000Q
Labgruppen FP + 10000Q
Lapgruppen FP + 7000
Lapgruppen FP + 13000
Camco TECTON Series Amplifier
CAMCO Q10 Power Amplifier

Direct Box
Boss DI-1 Direct Box
Klark Teknik DN100 Direct Box
Interspace Industries PC Balance Box
Countryman Type 85 Direct Box
DBX DB-10 Passive D.I Box

Clear Com Master Unit
Clear Com Intercom Headset
Clear Com Intecom Body Pack
Motorola GP328 Walkie Talkie

Portable PA System
Mipro MA-705 Wireless Portable PA System
Mipro MA-101 Wireless Personal PA System
Show Personal Loud Hailer

Canare Microphone Cable 5 Meter
Canare Microphone Cable 10 Meter
Canare Microphone Cable 20 Meter
Canare 16 Ch Multicore Cable 30 Meter
Canare 16 Ch Multicore Cable 50 Meter

Speaker Stand / Speaker Bracket / Microphone Stand
K & M Table Microphone Stand
K & M Microphone Stand with 2-piece Boom Arm
Nexo PS 8 Flying Bracket
Nexo PS 15 Flying Bracket
AKG ST-45 Microphone Table Stand

Others / Accessories
Multi Language Karaoke Software in Computerised System
Canare 16 Ch 2 Way Junction Box

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